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Manuel Hernández

Manuel Hernandez, a multifaceted photographer and publicist hailing from Venezuela, is a true master of his craft. With over a decade of artistic experience, he has honed his skills in fashion, editorial, commercial, and celebrity photography, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field.

His visionary, elegant, and futuristic perspective on life has earned him the privilege of working with some of the most prestigious brands in Venezuela, including BECO, BALU, and POLAR. Moreover, he has captured some of the most renowned figures in the artistic industry, such as Maite Delgado, Chiquinquira Delgado, Dayana Mendoza, Stefania Fernandez, Maria Gabriela Isler, Osmel Sousa, Nacho, and Erika de la Vega.

Manuel has marked a pivotal point in his career by redefining the concept of beauty in Venezuela through his work as the youngest photographer ever to shoot the official photographs of the prestigious beauty pageant, Miss Venezuela. He has continued to innovate and set new standards through his approach to style, image, and visual storytelling.

Throughout his illustrious career, Manuel has produced countless editorial campaigns, cover stories, and promotional pieces, earning him international recognition in countries such as Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, and Italy.

By seamlessly blending his personal experiences with the technical expertise he has acquired over the years, Manuel's photographs truly capture the essence of his subjects' souls and their unique attributes. His dedication to his craft and clients is unrivaled, as evidenced by his recent certification in Life and Spiritual Coaching from Los Angeles Coaching For Wellness. Manuel has even incorporated this coaching philosophy into his work, resulting in his ongoing photography series and life philosophy called "Desconocidos". The impact of this project has already touched the lives of thousands of people around the world, helping them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Currently based in Miami and New York, Manuel continues to work with some of the most prominent publications in the industry, including Imagen Magazine, Tendencia, Modelstopia, QPmagazine, Glam Uper, Seventeen, Vogue Mexico, and Vogue Latin America. His portfolio includes some of the most talented international artists, such as Gaby Espino, Daniela Digacomo, Adamaris Lopez, Migbelis Castellano, Daniel Habíf, Karen Martinez, Evaluna Montaner, Franco Noriega, and Phill Collins.

Manuel Hernandez is more than just a photographer; he's a visionary who captures the essence of his subjects' souls and elevates their perspectives through his transformative photography experiences.

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"Desconocidos Venezuela" is a non-profit foundation sponsored by Manuel Hernández. The foundation's main focus is to work for those who need to be found and heard.


Manuel Hernández: Photographer + Visual Storyteller

This book is a personal and photographic journey that takes the reader on a visual odyssey through the eyes of its author. With over 400 pages of images and text, this book showcases a wide range of portraits and stories, from internationally recognized figures to the author's personal transformation in search of a humanistic artistic perspective that would enable him to see human beings with beauty and value not just for the image they project but for the life story that accompanies them