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Desconocidos is a unique and innovative photographic experience that explores the many facets of the human experience, integrating photography with each individual's personal story to create a transformative journey captured in a photo series and life philosophy.

With its profound impact on self-image and personal growth, DESCONOCIDOS has already touched the lives of hundreds of people from around the world.

desconocidos by MH

a philosophy
of life

Manuel has created a unique and innovative approach to photography. With a vision that seeks to explore the many facets of human existence, he seamlessly integrates his most recent certification in Life Coaching, Business Coaching, and spiritual coaching with his photography.

Through his lens, Manuel captures not just a person's physical image but their personal history and inner world, creating a truly transformative experience. His series of photographs, "DESCONOCIDOS," is a visual experience that leaves a lasting impact, provoking self-reflection and introspection. Hundreds of people from around the world have experienced the depth of Manuel's work and have found themselves with a newfound sense of self-awareness and a deeper understanding of their own journey.

desconocidos experience

One of a kind Full Day Photoshoot


what we offer you

Coaching & Moodboard

Hair & Makeup

6hrs Studio or On-Location Production

Styling (3 wardrobe changes)

Art Direction Concept & Production

Surprise Experience 

Downloadable Gallery within 48hrs

Second Video Camera

6 edited Photos by Miguel Mazza

1 Video Teaser (30sec) & YouTube Episode (8-10mins)

Additional services are available upon request.

40% deposit upon reservation / 30% day of experience / 30% upon delivery

With this experience you'll discover:


With us, you'll create an image that represents your authentic self, capturing your essence and personality in a way that will leave you feeling empowered and confident.


Not only will you have the opportunity to create an image of your true self, but you will also have the chance to visualize the persona you want to become. Experience the feeling of success and accomplishment as you pose for the camera, embodying the image of your dreams.


Take on a new persona and reveal the hidden sides of yourself that the world has yet to see. Embrace your inner wildness and show the world that you are capable of being whoever you choose to be.

Desconocidos Experience


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